The Product Placement Solutions mobile conveyor unit is the newest state of the art machinery that is set to change the way the Australian construction and landscape market thinks.  It is a highly efficient unit capable of preforming a wide variety of tasks on most sites using a vast array of material.

The mobile conveyor unit can achieve up to 29 degrees on a positive angle able to reach a height of 21m and still able to extend to a length of 32m from the central pivot point at this height.  The unit is capable of reaching a negative 9 degree angle allowing the machine to place the end of the belt 8m below ground level at a reach of 36m. At a flat belt the conveyor is able to extend to 38m from the centre of the pivot allowing the best reach from the rear of the truck.  The conveyors both have a 360 degree rotation allowing a wide variety of ways the machine can be set up on site keeping material delivery trucks away from the sensitive installation site.   The mobile conveyor is quick and easy to set up and move from position to position on a job site leaving more time to place material on your job.  The unit has a low set up height of under 5m allowing this unit to be set up and operated under bridges and inside structures to achieve the most out of those difficult areas.

The unit will require a setup location of approximately 9m wide and 13.5m long to allow the outrigger to be deployed depending on the task at hand.

The conveyor unit is capable of installing:

  • Concrete of any slump requirement even that of which cannot be pumped
  • Rock up to 170mm diameter
  • Sand including stage sand
  • Soil
  • Mulch
  • Grain
  • Salt

And has a placement rate of up to 200m3 per hour depending on the feed method and product being fed.

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